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Bitdefender is a global leader in the cybersecurity market. It provides its users with ultimate protection using its multi-layered protection system. For protecting your device, you have to go through the Bitdefender Login process. This will help you to use various features of the product, manage your subscription, getting information related to Bitdefender, and much more. 

For this, you must have a Bitdefender account. After the creation of your account, the next step is to log in to your account. For signing in, you can follow the procedure mentioned below. 

Bitdefender Login

Bitdefender Login Procedure

  1. First of all, you have to open a web browser on your system. 
  2. Then, move to the Bitdefender Login page. For this, you have to type “” in the address bar.
  3. In the next window, you are required to enter your login credentials in order to access your Bitdefender Cental Account. You have to provide the following details in their respective fields:
    • Email: In the first tab, you have to enter your email address which is associated with your Bitdefender account. Make sure you enter the email id that you have used at the time of account creation. 
    • Password: After providing the email address, the next step is to enter your password. Passwords are case sensitive. Hence, you must be very careful while entering your password as even a single error in the password will show the login error.
  4. Once you are done with entering the login credentials, you can save these login details on the system you are using. For saving, you have to tick mark the checkbox next to Remember Me option. 

Make sure you save your details only when you are using your personal computer. Saving details on a shared computer generates the risk of unauthorized access. 

  1. Further, you can read the Terms of Services document of Bitdefender. Since clicking the Login button will be considered that you are agreeing to their terms and conditions. Hence, to avoid future consequences, Bitdefender asks you to read the terms and conditions carefully. For reading these documents, you have to click the link provided at the bottom of the Bitdefender Login window. 
  2. Finally, click the blue colored “Login” tab and successfully reach your Bitdefender login page. 


  • In case you don’t want to create a separate Bitdefender Login account, then you can also use your facebook, google or Windows account for using Bitdefender. 

For this, you have to visit “”. Then, under the Login button, you will get facebook, google or windows icon. Click the desired icon and in the next window, provide your login credentials. This will link the selected account to the Bitdefender and you will reach your Bitdefender account. This is how you can use your existing email address and password for the new Bitdefender account. 

  • In case you have forgotten your password, then you can reset your password from the Bitdefender Login page. In the login window, you will get the “Recover Password” option below the Login button. You can click that option and create a new password for your account. 

This is how you can successfully access your account and use it for enhancing your Bitdefender usage experience.