Bitdefender vs Avast: Which Antivirus is Better?

Bitdefender vs Avast

Bitdefender and Avast are both counted amongst the best and leading antivirus protections. They are renowned for providing worldwide users with highly-advanced protection against malware, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses, and all kinds of other online threats. 

The users often find it challenging to choose the best one out of both. Therefore, here in this blog, we have discussed all the necessary details on Bitdefender vs Avast. We have provided the features, advantages, and disadvantages of both antivirus software. Therefore, with the help of the information provided in this guide, the users will choose the perfect antivirus software for their computer devices. So, read this blog until the end to have an in-depth knowledge of the features, pros, and cons of Bitdefender vs Avast

Bitdefender vs. Avast Features

Both Bitdefender and Avast are known for their outstanding and useful features. They provide users with a straightforward User-interface and exceptional security. However, Bitdefender is often seen as more focused on its security feature. The users are suggested to go through the below sections to know about the Bitdefender vs Avast features in detail:-

Bitdefender Antivirus Features

Bitdefender features are almost similar for all the plans. A few of the additional features offered by Bitdefender antivirus are mentioned below:- 

  • Bitdefender antivirus software provides its users with the Banking and Payment Protection feature that ensures safe transactions. 
  • Another best feature of Bitdefender is Parental Control. It allows users to control and restrict internet access to a particular website or content. 
  • It comes with the VPN security feature. 
  • Moreover, Bitdefender antivirus software also has the Webcam Protection feature that prevents hackers and cybercriminals from taking control of the user’s webcam.  It also provides users with Anti-theftFirewall protectionAnti-tracking features. 

Avast Antivirus Features

Avast provides users with a variety of useful and outstanding features. A few of the best features of the Avast antivirus include:-

  • The Wi-Fi Inspector feature of Avast automatically scans all of the user’s devices that are connected to their home network and notifies if any security issues are found. 
  • Avast presents the users with the Software update feature that updates the apps automatically. 
  • It also has the Sandbox feature that runs the suspicious apps in the sandbox. 
  • Another best feature of Avast antivirus software is the Ransomware shield that automatically secures the folders where the users may store their confidential data. 
  • Moreover, Avast also offers the Spam filter feature to its users to ensure their digital safety. 

Bitdefender vs Avast: Pros and Cons

Bitdefender and Avast antivirus software are ideal products that offer a wide range of excellent features that help users protect their important and confidential data. But, there are some pros and cons of both of the antivirus software. Therefore, it is necessary to go through all the pros and cons of each of the software that are mentioned below:-

Bitdefender Pros 

  • Defense against fraud, spam, and phishing
  • Provides free VPN
  • Real-time protection
  • Removes the threats automatically
  • Safe browsing extension


  • A firewall is not included
  • Takes longer to scan the devices

Avast Antivirus Pros

  • Straightforward and easy-to-use interface
  • Anti-scam protection
  • Reasonable price


  • Ad pop-ups
  • Slows down the system during a full scan
  • Features like VPN are not available

Customer Support

Bitdefender and Avast both have their customer support teams that assist the users who face issues regarding the products. Therefore, if any user encounters any problem, they are suggested to contact the customer service team of their respective antivirus software. 

Final Thoughts

Bitdefender and Avast are both exceptional protection software. They offer excellent security against all kinds of online threats, including spyware, malware, viruses, etc. But Bitdefender proves to be much better than Avast and most of the other antivirus software in the market. It covers all of the essential features that an ideal antivirus must have to provide the users with the ultimate digital security & to download and login in Bitdefender visit bitdefender Central However, Avast is the best choice for all those looking for a free or affordable antivirus with all the important features and good performance. 

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